Behind the Scenes Film

This film shows a behind the scenes look at the current research taking place in both the design studio and laboratory - showcasing the cross over of textile skill and scientific knowledge.

Materials Archive

These images show some of a range of materials that have been seeded with cells in the laboratory at Kings College.  This new resource is aimed at developing a library of biocompatible materials; some of which have a history in tissue engineering, some that are new to the field and some that are not suitable for repairing the body but that may be used for future fashion e.g. freshwater pearls or Swarovski crystals. 

Textile Scaffolds

Shown below are a collection of photographs of in progress work - exploring using traditional textile craft techniques to create unique scaffolds over which cells are grown.  The reason hand textile techniques, such as lace making and embroidery, are being used is for their ability to create a large variety of structures that help to control the orientation of cell growth.  The aim of the current research is to combine an understanding of what different materials cells like to grow on with a knowledge of different structures to create new scaffolds for both regenerative medicine purposes as well as future fashion and textiles.  

New Tools

Alongside the creation of a materials and techniques archive, a range of new tools has been produced - tools that have been specifically developed for a designer working the laboratory.  The new petri dishes shown below have been engineered to reimagine current manufacturing processes.  For example can we grow leather petals for flowers in the shape and size needed, can we learn from embroidery hoop design to keep scaffolds in place, and can we embellish fabrics in vitro - bone polka dot anyone?